flying indoor camera "Zipper"


Zipper is a flying indoor camera and recording device. It uses the principle of gas balloons combined with propellers driven by a precision electric motor. This allows the Zipper to move very fast and silently in closed rooms without consuming a lot of energy. In addition, it is also very manoeuvrable.


wind energy plant "Windflock"


wind energy plant

Windflock is a wind energy system based on a modular structure. An open and flexible „add-on“ system made of mini windmills, which works like a LEGO puzzle. These mini windmills can be connected to each other as often as desired.


USB-Stick "USB Clip"


USB sticks are getting smaller and smaller. People still like to send them by mail. In order for them to not get lost on the way and to be seen by the recipient right away, the USB clip can be attached to any base like business cards, letterheads, leaflets or brochures, regardless of their thickness.


USB-Stick "Loopo"


USB sticks have an ever growing storage capacity while getting smaller all the time. This frequently makes them hard to find and they can get lost during transportation. One solution is attaching USB sticks to other items like key chains.


miniature solar station  "Power Flower"


Always follow the sun. This miniature solar station recharges electronic devices very efficiently. The faceted sensor in the middle of the station measures the ideal insolation and aligns the station according to that. The principle is based on a sunflower that aligns itself the sun from dawn until dusk.


dental care set "Steward"


Steward is an all-in-one dental care set – the compact unit made of tooth brush, toothpaste, mouth wash and dental floss. The handle of the set serves to store the capsules that are filled with different care products like toothpaste or mouthwash.


Digital watch glove "Timeout"


In winter, especially when doing winter sports like skiing, it is hard to read a watch hidden under long sleeves and gloves. Timeout offers a solution by showing a digital display on the back of a glove, making telling the time quite easy.


boxing glove "Puncho"


is an intelligent boxing glove. It supports athletes and helps them make progress via measuring the force and speed of the punches. A flexible screen based on OLED- technology visualizes the results.


milk frother "No K.O."


NO K.O. is a milk frother that not only looks good but also solves a specific problem: The bouncebackability prevents it from toppling over and rolling away. It needs little space and always leaves a tidy impression. The half round steel bottom with the low center of gravity always returns NO K.O. to the standing position on its own.


Outdoor water tap "Locko"


Water taps installed in the garden or in publically accessible areas may be opened by unauthorised persons. As a consequence, the water may run unintentionally over longer periods of time. This not only leads to unnecessary water consumption but may also cause greater water damage.


tablet holder "PADPOINT"


tablet holder

Padpoint is an indoor tablet-PC holder. Specially to use it lying in bed or sitting on the couch. It will make the daily use of the Ipad easier and more comfortable. It is possible to get every desired angle, just playing with the flexible material which fills the  holder.


cable "Boneband"


The cable tie Boneband takes advantage of the materials properties to replace a complex fastening construction.


beverage can "Handycan"


The foldable shape makes recycling of cans easier: The volume of empty cans can be reduced conveniently through simple compression. This not only minimizes transportation costs to the recycling station, but also prior storage expenses.


Digitale Pfeife "Digipipe"


There are programs that enable generating music with the computer. They are frequently controlled via keyboard or mouse. They are unsuitable for generating the sounds of brass instruments though because these are controlled by the strength and length of blowing in addition to the fingers.


USB Memory Stick file/it


Documents are not only archived or sent digitally, but also on paper. 
In order to be able to allocate digital data better to the respective documents and have these at hand immediately when needed, it is extremely expedient to file the data together with the documents.