mini camera "Higgs"


Always keep an eye open. The mini camera of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS is intelligent, can detect faces and has other features. Experiences made in bioaesthetics acted as model for this form that can especially be seen in the combination with tripod legs.

(designed on behalf of Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS)


Roboter "Roboworm"

Robo Worm

This robot mirrors the movements of a caterpillar. The motions of the caterpillar’s circular muscles are simulated through the controlled magnetisation of metal rings integrated into a silicone tube. The construction enables the Robo Worm to move on rough and uneven surfaces found in canals and tunnels.


washing machine "Sphere"


We have developed a futuristic design prototype with a visionary glimpse of the design of the future for Bauknecht. The round drum and the rotation of the washing machine are already indicative of the result: a flowing, round shape. The goal was cutting down to the essentials without removing important elements.


USB Memory Stick DTSE9 G2


The USB-Stick can easily be connected to objects (like a key ring) through a single large eyelet. The shape is reduced to its functionality and handling.


mobile hard drive "Square"


The mobile drive Sq meets all the requirements for a high quality, mobile hard drive. It has a slim look through the slightly curved surfaces and the stainless steel plates protect the product against scratches.


mobile hard drive "MobileLite Wireless G2"

MobileLite Wireless G2

The MobileLite Wireless G2 meets all technical requirements for a high quality mobile hard drive. Due to the curvature on the upper and lower surface the centrally placed plastic strip is narrower than the total height. The strip creates a colour contrast to the upper and lower surface and catches the eye.


audio guide "Tonwelt"

Tonwelt SL Pro

Content is not the only thing that matters: An audio guide to accompany you during visits to the museum or exhibitions should be easy to use and feel good in your hands. Audio guide Tonwelt SL Pro with its anodized aluminium casing combines the straight, geometric lines you would expect from such a device with organic shape.


stainless steel ballpoint pen "Hommage"


of the sensuous experience of handwriting

Handwriting has become a rare thing in our modern times. Writing something by hand is mostly a conscious act. Ideally, this creates a delightful moment, a sensuous experience. The stainless steel ballpoint pen Hommage lies pleasantly in your hand and makes writing easier with the angled large reservoir.


Digital watch "Neolog"

Neolog A-24 II

Simply time

Neolog combines a novel time display with purist elegance. Time is shown as a quantity. Hours and one and ten minute periods are in divided into groups of bars. No hands, no numbers. Only time.


cooking knife "Sharko"


Shape reflects function

The cooking knife Sharko is made of forged special blade steel and has a Corian handle. This acrylic-bound mineral material is distinguished by extreme longevity and durability. The entire lines of the knife are graceful and striking. The shape is also reminiscent of a stream lined shark – which is no accident.


computer mouse "Jerry"


Jerry is defined as the continuation of the human senses, as an interface between physical and virtual life. Highest ergonomics and the 360° scroll wheel enable fast navigation and ensure lasting ease of use. The solution is on hand.


Digital watch "Neolog OS"

Neolog OS

NEOLOG OS captivates with its hourglass waist design. Its simple shape that does not detract from the time display – and the pleasant feel of the material turns it into a piece of jewellery beyond mere function. Once you had it in your hand, it is hard to take the "hand charmer" with the silky soft silicone wristband back off.


room air freshener "Bloomy"


The individual room air freshener.

Beauty attracts. bloomy sets with its unique design a beautiful sence to any room and offers tempting fragrance creations. Its elegant shape resembles a blossoming bud. Up to three months bloomy fragrance gives off evenly.


Küchenhelfer "Milli"


Intelligent kitchen aid

Milli creates the necessary friction and simultaneously the largest possible contact surface between mortar and pestle so that no material residue sticks. The uneven irregularities (dimples) are concave to the inside. They are large and not very deep.


clothes hanger "Swan"


clothes hanger

The Swan clothes hanger is a stackable hanger that is optimised for fabric. With Swan, the loan and function determines its form. The organic form is adapted based on the forces applied in line with bionik principles, reducing the material used to a minimum.


spice shaker "Cha-Cha"


Seeing everyday things with different eyes, interpreting then anew and thus breaking with familiar conventions: That is what spice shaker Cha-Cha does. It lies on the table instead of standing upright. The salt is in the entire inside of the stainless steel body.