flying indoor camera "Zipper" 01 flying indoor camera "Zipper" 02 flying indoor camera "Zipper" 03


Zipper is a flying indoor camera and recording device. It uses the principle of gas balloons combined with propellers driven by a precision electric motor. This allows the Zipper to move very fast and silently in closed rooms without consuming a lot of energy. In addition, it is also very manoeuvrable.

Application fields:

  • Film productions: unrestricted camera work
  • Surveillance: flexible monitoring of public locations like department stores, train stations, etc.
  • Security: video inspection in hard to access places like cable chutes and sewers
  • Private: webcam, babysitting, etc.
  • or as a toy

Further recording options (sound, heat and radio activity) are possible with the matching sensors.


Reinhardtstraße 6
10117 Berlin