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wind energy plant

Windflock is a wind energy system based on a modular structure. An open and flexible „add-on“ system made of mini windmills, which works like a LEGO puzzle. These mini windmills can be connected to each other as often as desired and set a 3D structure that resembles a crystal composition. Windflock may be located between buildings or over them being part of the whole construction.

It is really easy to connect the windmills. They are made of standard bars and joints that work like LEGO pieces. These joints can have two, three, four or five holes, depending on how many bars the user wants to connect in order to create the  desired structure. Windflock works like a standar windmill. The turbines turn the kinetic energy of wind into mechanical or electrical energy that can be used for power delivery.


Reinhardtstraße 6
10117 Berlin