Doppelsieg red dot Design Award

News 04 | 2013

Double victory at the red dot award: product design 2013

Emamidesign is ranked among the best in the year with two products

Two wins in one stroke! A total of 4,662 products from 54 countries competed at this year’s red dot award for product design. The top-class panel made up of international design experts, professors and specialist journalists were judging according to criteria such as functionality, innovativeness or ecological sustainability. Emamidesign won the prestigious award twice – with “file/it”, a file/ with an integrated USB memory stick which connects business correspondence and documentation with digital data for archiving, correspondence or ongoing documentation, and then also with “MILLI”, the kitchen aid, a highly effective pestle and mortar which prevents the nuisance of material residue from sticking to the bowl.

Innovations which have been well thought-through, groundbreaking trends and intelligent design – that is why we won two sets of dots and that is also what the red dot label is known and respected for all over the world – design offering functional, aesthetic and economic added value. “MILLI” and “file/it” fulfil this need and are deservedly amongst the award-winning products of the year for the red dot award: product design 2013. The presentation of the award – a highlight in the 2013 design calendar – will take place in Essen on 1 July.

Dot, dot......comma, stroke? We know what comes after two dots: we would like to hold on to our pole position for the best design concepts in the international red dot rankings for design companies this year too. The fact that we were able to win the renowned “red dot” twice in 2013 not only represents another wonderful acknowledgement for us, but is also a seal of approval for the quality of our design and a guarantee for success when we market our products. It’s also important for our customers and partners.


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