News 09 | 14 - Book 360° Industrial Design

News 09 | 2014

Intelligent design is the future

Arman Emami has published his guidebook “360° Industrial Design”

Groundbreaking innovations and successful products in industrial design are not just a stroke of luck, they are also a question of strategy. We believe that this strategy must form the basis of a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach. This is not merely to survive the challenges posed by a rapidly developing world, but to overcome them and also show new pathways for the future of product design.

The fact that Emamidesign has been highly successful with this strategy cannot be denied and Arman Emami goes into detail about the principles of product design in the book “360° Industrial Design. The foundations of analytical product design” in a style which is both entertaining and easy to understand. He talks about the importance of form, function, look and feel and uses specific case studies to analyse the whole design process, from the development of ideas and the approach, right through to manufacturing and marketing.
At the same time, Emami demands a rethink in terms of the process of design. What should we be focusing on in view of the short supply of resources, urgent environmental issues and tough global competition? Is it always a matter of creating something new, or can efficient links be made between innovative and tried and tested products in order to provide a sustainable contribution to improve our product world? Such considerations are portrayed and clearly presented in the book to show how multi-disciplinary approaches such as bioaesthetics and efficient use of materials and production methods can give rise to new qualities, perspectives and uses.

“360° Industrial Design” has become an exciting, practical guidebook which is equally aimed at those studying design and young designers, as well as product and marketing managers, creative lateral thinkers and anyone who is interested in intelligent design. The wonderfully illustrated 168-page book went on sale in June, 2014 as part of the “foundation/guidebook” series by niggli, the Swiss architecture and design publisher.

You can order the book here.


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