News 10 | 2015

Special mention for the cross-country emergency helper “RoboWorm”

A bionic robot moving earthworm-style: Metal rings inside imitate the typical circular muscles and are controlled via magnetisation. This allows “RoboWorm” to move without problems on rough and inaccessible terrain, uneven and slippery surfaces, soft floors and in canals, pipes and ducts.

Its ability to also reach areas where other movement mechanisms get stuck has now earned “RoboWorm”, as was announced officially recently, the honour of a Special Mention at the German Design Award 2016. The German Design Award is the international premium award of the German Design Council. It rewards ground-breaking work in communication and product design and numbers among the most distinguished design competitions world-wide – well beyond professional circles. On July 30 and 31, 2015 already, an international expert jury of 22 evaluated the top-class nominations and found our “RoboWorm” worthy of Special Mention in the Industry category. The award presentation will be held on 12 February 2016 in Frankfurt.

We look forward to another special recognition of our “outstanding design quality” and wish to congratulate all other award winners of the German Design Award 2016. Product design with a guarantee of success is the motivation for us, for our partners – and for a sustainable future worth living. Flexibility and mobility, if nothing else, make “RoboWorm” with its camera and microphone a life-saving helper in earthquake zones where robots can for instance localise buried persons in collapsed building or under snow or rock avalanches. Of course, we are proud to be among the best at the German Design Award with our experience and vision. But we are even prouder to be able make a valuable contribution to the world of tomorrow with our products and concepts.



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