red dot: best of the best: USB-Clip

News 07 | 2010

“USB-Clip” breaks records in Berlin. Two red dots: best of the best

It started over breakfast one weekend: Arman Emami wanted to send a female friend a longer video for her birthday and hit upon the idea of attaching the USB stick to her birthday card. The stick became a clip which in 2009 was given the red dot award: design concept with the red dot: best of the best, and (which) went into production soon afterwards. For this year’s red dot award: product design, the “USB-Clip” once more impressed the international jury of experts, and has now yet again received the highest award, the red dot: best of the best. – this is an absolute first in the history of the “red dot” award, which has been in existence since 1955!

For us, it is a great success. To be among the best twice in a row for the concept and implementation of the same product “is like Easter and Christmas rolled into one” (Arman Emami).

Ken Koo, President red dot Asia

“Since the inception of the red dot award: design concept, there have been many success stories – but this is the first time that a concept has won a red dot: best of the best award and gone on to receive the red dot: best of the best for product design.”

Nils Toft, member of the jury – red dot award: industrial design 2010

“The added value stems from the honest use of a design which doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is, and thus with intelligent simplicity creates a new function through its form as a clip, which allows users to just add a whole lot of digital information to a business card, a letter, or whatever else they want to use.”

Danny Venlet, member of the jury – red dot award: design concept

“I am sure that this product will become a bestseller.”


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