red dot Ranking No. 1

News 10 | 2012

We are the world champion in the red dot ranking!

After the 2011 ranking, Emamidesign from Berlin has reached the top position in the international red dot ranking of design agencies for best design concepts for the second time in a row and outdistanced its top-class competitors from various countries in doing so. The ranking takes into account the number and type of red dot awards given in the last five years. The jury pays particular attention to the innovativeness of the concepts, and the continuity of the service. We are proud of the (albeit unofficial) title, as it is objective proof of our sustained competence. Going forward, we aim to continue to prove our “outstanding sense of design and innovation” as one of the world’s leading innovators.

Emamidesign: made in Berlin, with vision, strategy, passion – and lasting success. Maybe this is the place in which to discreetly point out that 98% of our work till now has received awards at both the national and international level.


Reinhardtstraße 6
10117 Berlin