World leader for the 4th time in succession.

News 10 | 2014

World leader for the 4th time in succession.

Also in 2014, Emamidesign is the Number One in the Red Dot ranking of the design agencies

Again in 2014, Emamidesign receives the top position in the international Red Dot ranking of design agencies for the best design concepts. Hence, for the fourth time in succession – and ever since the initiation of the rankings, by the way – we have led the field of outstanding competitors from all over the world.
The Red Dot Design Ranking for Design Concepts, in four ranking lists (separately covering Asia and Europe/USA) ranks the best four in the respective fields of enterprises, agencies and universities and is regarded as the most up-to-date index in regard to the quality and power of innovation of design organisations. For the ranking, the type and number of Red Dot awards within the last five years are taken into account, whereby the continuity of performance also assumes particular importance.

For this reason, our renewed success and the consolidation of our leading position in the ranking of the design agencies make us all the more proud. "It's not just a matter of attractive design", Mr Arman Emami emphasises. "In a changing world, the challenge lies in developing groundbreaking product concepts that offer sustainable solutions by way of design. “

Emamidesign readily accepts the challenge of the future: We seek to remain a long-lasting leader of innovation throughout the world and take a conscious and active part in the shaping of future progress.


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