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Robo Worm

This robot mirrors the movements of a caterpillar. The motions of the caterpillar’s circular muscles are simulated through the controlled magnetisation of metal rings integrated into a silicone tube. The construction enables the Robo Worm to move on rough and uneven surfaces found in canals and tunnels. Even where chain wheels and other traditional means of transportation get caught, the Robo Worm contorts itself without problems.
Robo Worm has two heads, one at each end, making it possible to move backwards without having to flip over. This principle enables backwards movement even in very tight shafts. Robo Worm is equipped with cameras and additional sensors, for example a microphone, to make recordings possible even in hard-to-reach areas. The recordings can be sent to a receiving station immediately or stored in the device for later extraction.


Reinhardtstraße 6
10117 Berlin