Industrial design as a strategy and marketing instrument

Industrial design is more than mere aesthetics. Tough global competition, environmental concerns, and increasingly scarce resources today demand that industrial design take a new direction. Intelligent industrial design offers a broad spectrum of competitive advantages, and is a holistic strategy in which we attach equal importance to functionality, production costs, and all aspects of marketing. We believe the following are fundamental elements for success:

Innovativeness – concepts for the future

Whoever stops being innovative stops being successful. Good ideas provide solutions for daily life – they combine, break through, move ahead. New qualities and applications generate added value for consumers and create unique selling points.

Usability – the product in its context

Products should enhance the lives of users and make them easier. Safety, ease of maintenance and user-friendliness are important aspects, as are ergonomics and product semantics. As suitable for everyday use and as integrative as possible. Effective and efficient functionality.

Aesthetics – the poetry within the product

Harmony, linearity, elegance, the art of reduction, coherent forms and colours, ... The formal qualities reflect the functionality of a product. Sensually and sensibly communicating the internal and external values.

Economy – serialising the product

Forms and materials dictate the production process. A responsible partner keeps a clear eye on the hard facts: DIN norms, installation costs, material requirements and costs, manufacturing methods, health
rate, … Successful production begins at the design stage, is sparing in the use of resources, and is economical.

Ecology – the added value of a product

At the product’s periphery: questions regarding packaging, disposal, and resource recycling – and during production: optimised processes, minimised material and energy usage, improved CO2   footprint.
Conservation of resources and sustainable products geared towards longevity.

Marketing – the message within the product

Industrial design is an integral part of corporate identity and a modern marketing tool. Through independence and high recognition value, defined characteristics allow for direct marketing to the target group. Distinctive products convey identity and possess symbolic and emotional content.

Following these criteria, we combine technology and aesthetics, concepts and strategies into an effective whole to develop optimal and unique solutions.


360° IDOur assets are esthetics, innovation,
marketing and technology.

1. Innovation    
2. Esthetics    
3. Marketing    
4. Ecology    
5. Economy    
6. Functionality    
7. Usability / Suitable for everyday use


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